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A team of experienced, international consultants helps you find solutions to your strategic issues

Our experienced and professional MBA participants provide inspiring, unbiased ideas to current issues faced by your organization. Working as multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams they deliver practical strategic recommendations and develop concrete implementation plans to help your organization accelerate important strategic priorities and their execution.

For more than 30 years, we have completed over 520 projects for 330+ companies in more than 65 countries. Find out how a dynamic IMD MBA team can deliver high value results to your business.

New insights
An International Consulting Project (ICP) is an intensive seven-week consulting project in which an MBA team is 100% focused on your strategic issue to provide new insights and valuable recommendations to your business.


Projects focus on making appropriate recommendations and developing an effective implementation plan or participating in this process. A four-step approach addresses the strategic issues specific to each sponsoring company.

Four steps Objectives
1. Industry Analysis Understanding key factors for success; defining the criteria to evaluate the company
  • Fact gathering and analysis
  • Presentation to Faculty
  • Presentation to client executives
2. Company analysis
Identifying strengths and improvement opportunities; defining key issues for further examination
  • Field work and analysis
  • Presentation to Faculty
  • Presentation to client executives
3. Issue analysis
Developing recommendations for solving issues or capturing opportunities
  • Field work and analysis
  • Presentation to Faculty
  • Presentation to client executives
4. Implementation
Translating recommendations into a specific implementation plan
  • Define implementation plan
  • Report to client executives
  • Report to Faculty

Each team will hit the ground running as they will have used their specific ICP company project as a basis for class assignments over the weeks/months leading up to the fall project kick-off.

Previous project examples

Project Investment
Seven week project CHF 70,000
Suggested contribution to the MBA Scholarship Fund - CHF 15,000 - 20,000

The client is responsible for all expenses incurred related to the project. These costs can range between CHF 10,000 and CHF 50,000.

Terms and Confidentiality
IMD stresses the strict observation of all confidentiality rules in accordance with the highest standards applied by the consulting/legal profession. A letter of agreement is submitted to the company before the project starts outlining the principles guiding the project, its purpose and a confidentiality clause.

The MBA Scholarship Fund
Clients of the IMD MBA International Consulting Projects (ICP) provide world-class educational opportunities to future generations of global leaders through their contributions to the MBA Scholarship Fund. Each year the Fund awards five regional scholarships to high potential, financially limited MBA candidates from around the globe. These exceptional individuals in turn enrich the cultural diversity of the MBA program and contribute valuable perspectives to their class and ICP clients.

Find out more about the IMD MBA Scholarship Fund (video)

The MBA International Consulting Project has helped organizations like yours accelerate important strategic priorities and their execution. Our dynamic MBA teams provide you and your company with:

  • Inspiring and unbiased ideas from multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams
  • Practical strategy recommendations
  • Concrete implementation plans

Our clients generate highly attractive returns on their ICP investment driven by:

  • Experienced, diverse and innovative MBA teams
  • Cutting-edge management practices from IMD's world renowned Faculty
  • High quality analysis for a relatively small investment

An ICP also provides you with early access to our exceptional MBA graduates.

Success speaks for itself
More than 60% of projects originate from returning clients who are satisfied with the recommendations and concrete implementation plans of our MBA teams. During the past 30 years, we have completed over 550 projects for 330+ companies in more than 65 countries.

An MBAs perspective: Bloomberg Business Week

"The IMD MBA team brought some very interesting insights and ideas to Franke's market strategy for China. They generated a lot of excitement and motivation and, best of all, came up with a set of concrete action plans that we are implementing.

Christian Kühl, President Asia Pacific
Franke Kitchen Systems

Integrated projects throughout the MBA program
The ICPs are an integral part of the intense MBA curriculum. The careful integration of classes, live business cases and projects allows MBA participants, who already have an average of 7 years prior work experience, to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real business situations throughout the year.

The key milestones of the ICPs and when they occur are outlined below.

Fall projects

  Time Detail
Inquiry December - March Explore a project opportunity by contacting a member of the MBA ICP Management team.
Scope definition March - April Agree on project definition and timing of key presentations.
Preparation May - September Meet the MBA team assigned to your project. Finalize project scope and deliverables.
Project delivery September - November Provide access to key stakeholders; give real-time feedback and input.
Key Presentations September - November Reserve 3 dates for presentations from the MBA team.

MBA teams are supported by a wealth of expertise and experience. This includes a strong network of IMD Faculty and client support resources. Together, we create novel solutions with real impact for our clients.

The ICP Team consists of:

MBA Particpants
Each MBA team consists of 5-6 exceptional individuals representing a rich cultural mix and broad functional experience. Matching the candidates' background and interests to your ICP drives the selection of individuals for your project.

IMD Faculty
A member of the IMD Faculty actively directs each MBA team. In their role as Project Director, they contribute to the ICP by:

  • Working with you to craft the project scope
  • Providing keen insights on cutting edge management practices and their application
  • Guiding project team progress
  • Participating in client presentations ? typically three per project

ICP Client Resources
In addition to a full-time ICP Program Coordinator, the MBA teams have access to extensive IMD resources including:

  • Faculty expertise
  • Information & Database Facilities
  • Information Technology
  • Campus infrastructure
  • Print Shop

Contact a member of the ICP Program Management team to further explore a consulting project opportunity. We look forward to working with you on your business challenges.

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The MBA ICP Program Management team

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Co-Director, MBA International Consulting Projects
Tel: +41 21 618 01 81

Ralf Boscheck
MBA Program Director
Tel: +41 21 618 43 84

Myriam Romero
MBA Consulting Projects Coordinator
Tel: +41 21 618 02 02

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