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IMD MBA 1st Real Estate Roundtable 2014

Switzerland Real Estate market - why different?

The Swiss Real Estate Market can be considered an outlier when compared to the main markets in Europe, United States or even the main emerging markets. Existing differences between Swiss and other markets inhibit faster and stronger development of the real estate market the country as a whole.

Organized by Krzysztof Swiczewski, IMD will bring leading experts of the Swiss Real Estate market to discuss the implications of these specifics and the resulting opportunities.

Additionally, a unique study, review of the Swiss Real Estate market, will be released during the summit.

When: December 2nd at 18h
Where: IMD - Chemin de Bellerive 23, 1003 Lausanne
Contact: Krzysztof Swiczewski -
Tel. +41 78 721 43 36

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