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Application and supporting documents
In order to apply, you will need to complete the MBA online application and submit the following supporting documents:

IMD MBA application form
The essays are your chance to show us how you communicate your ideas and how you contribute to the world in which you live, whilst also highlighting your values and priorities.

Feedback Timeline
We inform you if we would like to meet you for an interview within 6 weeks after the application deadline to which you applied. Normally, we will then confirm if you have been selected for the following year's class within two weeks of your interview.

Application fees
Non-refundable CHF 350.-, payable by credit card when you submit your application.

Access the MBA online application

Letters of recommendation
Your three confidential letters of recommendation give us an extra assessment of your overall personality, your business achievements and your leadership capabilities.

The online recommendation form provided in the application must be used and substitutes are not accepted.

From the online application, enter your referees' details and email address. Each recommender completes their form and submits it to IMD in time for the deadline you chose. If you are company-sponsored, you should supply at least one letter of recommendation from a senior executive who knows you well and is familiar with your company's plans for you. 

Tips on selecting recommenders
Choose people who know you well and with whom you have mutual respect over someone with an important title.

Balance your choices: choose people that represent diverse facets of your professional life spanning various companies and years (preferably direct managers).

Alternatively, choose someone who has shared an experience with you either in your professional career or an extracurricular activity (mentors, charity event coordinators, colleagues, etc).

Applicants who receive a 'decline' decision can consider reapplying for a different year by completing a new online application.

Reapply applicants do not need to resubmit academic transcripts or the GMAT score unless the score was not sufficient, there has been a change, or the original has expired.

The application fee is required with each application.

IMD does not grant deferred admissions. Due to the high demand, all applicants are accepted for a specific year. If you wish to be considered for another year, you must reapply.

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