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How do Silicon Valley companies transform ideas to startups? This is just one of the questions IMD’s Executive MBA class will look in Silicon Valley during their Discovery Expedition. Learn more about this trip at the EMBA blog and check out the latest features of the new Executive MBA web site.

Speaking of blogs and social media, are you on Facebook? Do you tweet? Do you leverage social media in your job? IMD's latest Great Debate weighs in on whether social media is overrated as a marketing tool. Join the discussion and enjoy.
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GREAT DEBATE Back to top
The Great Debate
Is social media overrated as a marketing tool?
Yes! IMD Executive Director Jim Pulcrano
No! Smart Office Energy Solutions CEO and IMD alumnus Bryan Guido Hassin
The Great Debate
How do we best address global economic challenges?
By reforming the global order - IMD Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann
By mobilizing social movements - IMANIGhana Development Research Director Bright B. Simons
Coffee Break
Richard Sutz
Founder, The Literacy Company and RESTEC
Coffee Break
R.V Raju Kanoria
Chairman and Managing Director, Kanoria Chemical & Industries LTD
IMD TCs Feed
Scientific Mindfulness
Who should be on your company's board?
Reform your board to prevent a governance crisis
By Professor Paul Strebel
What's the future for international business research?
What's the future for international business research?
Introducing the concept of scientific mindfulness
By Research Fellow Karsten Jonsen and Professor Martha Maznevski
Seism shifts in the Pacific
Seismic shifts in the Pacific
Chinese economy overtakes Japan as global #2
By Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann
What general managers need to do
What general managers need to do
Five-point roadmap for success
By Professor Preston Bottger
Insight from the film Inception
Insight from the film Inception
Fact and fiction about family business
By Professor Joachim Schwass and Research Fellow Willem Smit
Defining an innovative firm
Defining an innovative firm
It is much more than technology
By Professor Georges Haour
Perspective for Managers
Being proactive about supply chain environmental management
By Professor Ralf Seifert and Joana M. Comas
The Asian 21st Century How to make decisions Is this my time? IMD Partnership
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It's about the challenge for Jerome Briggs, IMD MBA 2010
IMD paddles against cancer in Dragon Boat race fundraiser
Career self-confidence is true value of IMD MBA for 2006 alumnus Rafael Altavini
IMD announces new innovations in the Mastering the Technology Enterprise program
IMD alumnus raised $92,885 to help Afghan children
New business means new options for investors and entrepreneurs
IMD paper receives prestigious Carolyn Dexter Award
IMD and Swiss Marketing to host Inspire for Excellence Symposium with Robin Sharma
IMD Corporate Learning Network upcoming features
IMD Professors contribute to HERA's entrepreneurship training
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