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Two new books explore how to add real value

May 17, 2013

The Business of Corporate Learning: Insights from practice

Here's a shocking finding: more than half of managers believe that employee performance would not change if their company's learning function were eliminated. Corporate learning may well be a joke in the eyes of some, but it shouldn't be, because it's big business. It's no laughing matter that organizations spend over $200 billion on learning each year.

In the new book, The Business of Corporate Learning: Insights from practice, IMD Professor Shlomo Ben-Hur demonstrates how corporate learning can and should have an integral, strategic role in a company. He sheds light on the reasons for success or failure in the strategic development of corporate learning and provides a 'how-to' guide for getting corporate learning to deliver tangible results. 

Published by Cambridge, May 2013 
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Talent Intelligence: What You Need to Know to Identify and Measure Talent   

Talent management is built upon talent intelligence—the understanding that businesses have of the skills, expertise and qualities of their people. It is the basis of every people decision that companies make and without it, they would be reduced to just randomly hiring and promoting people. Yet despite its vital importance, most companies appear to be failing to produce good talent intelligence. 

The $4 billion per annum talent measurement industry has failed since it began over thirty years ago to produce any notable impact on businesses' ability to identify talent. Investigating why, IMD Professor Shlomo Ben-Hur and Nik Kinley reveal that the market for talent measurement is awash with dubious products and services. Many organizations lack the expertise needed to successfully navigate this market. As a result, organizations often either use the wrong assessment processes for their needs or use them in ways that limit their impact. 

Talent Intelligence: What You Need to Know to Identify and Measure Talent shows how businesses can transform the value and impact of their talent intelligence, to ensure they get the right people in the right roles and that their talent management, and development activities are built on an accurate understanding of the talent available to them. 

Published by Wiley, July 2013
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Shlomo Ben-Hur is an organizational psychologist and professor of leadership and organizational. He is program director of IMD's Organizational Learning in Action (OLA), which is designed to help develop and implement successful learning strategies across an organization.

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