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IMD leads mega dive for 300 at Stora Enso

July 8, 2015

IMD recently led a mega dive for 300 people at the Helsinki headquarters of its long-time learning partner Stora Enso, the Finnish provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wood and paper.

At the event titled "Reconnect 2015" IMD and Stora Enso worked together to implement an innovative new format for intensive business idea creation and leadership development.

According to IMD Professor Albrecht Enders, the journey was all about transformation. "During a mega dive, we set up a process that helps us to engage with a maximum number of people during the transformation to get their inputs, ideas, and to get them engaged. Then we work to move a lot of the ideas forward and eventually bring them to top management to get them on board so we can make the transformation a reality," he said.

Stora Enso is currently transforming from a traditional paper and board producer into a customer-oriented renewable materials company, and "Reconnect" was intended to prepare the company for the second leg of this journey. The first leg was focused on renewing the company's asset base. Now, it intends to improve sales, innovate and differentiate itself.

The mega dive is a large-scale version of the deep dive. The deep dive process to drive managerial innovation was created by IMD professor Bill Fischer and former IMD Professor Andy Boynton. It lays out a strategy for managers to unearth new ideas in any industry or organization.

Some of the defining features of the Stora Enso mega dive were that the participants represented all parts of the organization, from mills to offices around the world and that all had the opportunity to engage with top management.

Additionally, there were no long presentations, monologues or passive listening. The one-day intensive mega dive's purpose was to generate ideas from a broad base of collaborators to boost the company's customer centricity, innovation, and contribute to the transformation of the business.

The mega dive at Stora Enso will result in concrete action. A group within the company called the Pathbreakers is tasked with taking the creative ideas from the event and transforming them into solid investment proposals, which will be presented to Stora Enso's top management.

In addition to the Stora Enso employees who travelled to Helsinki from around the world, there was an interactive webcast that involved an even larger number of the company's staff.

The mega dive was a great example of IMD's continued successful partnership with Stora Enso.

Last year, IMD and Stora Enso were recognized for their winning collaboration by being awarded the European Foundation for Management Development's 2014 Excellence in Practice Gold Award in the category of Organizational Development.

"The group of people chosen to further work on the ideas from Reconnect 2015 has the possibility and power to drive change. What we are doing with Reconnect and this programme is something unique," says Lars Haggstrom, Head of Global People and Organisation at Stora Enso.

Last year, IMD ran a mega dive for 600 executives led by Professor Cyril Bouquet to facilitate the transformation of French railway companies, SNCF and RFF.

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