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Pablo Perez talks about IMD’s online Learning Leadership program

April 29, 2015

Pablo Perez works for Siemens in Abu Dhabi as Vice President for High Voltage Products Gas Insulated Switchgears.

He recently completed Learning Leadership, one of IMD's new online Global Leadership in the Cloud programs. IMD asked him for his personal opinion about the experience.

Why did you choose the Learning Leadership program?

Leadership is an iterative and ongoing process, so you cannot stop learning. Although I have already participated in leadership training within my company, I wanted to have another perspective on leadership.

Leadership is a very interesting topic for me. How can I be a better leader? What shall I change or implement to be a great leader? I see a lack of real leaders in our society. There are a lot of excellent managers who call themselves leaders, but when you observe them deeply they are not.

Why did you choose an online program rather than a traditional classroom one?

Although personal contact with people cannot be replaced, an online program has a lot of advantages. You do not need to be away from the office for a week or more. You can manage your time according to your priorities, and, last but not least, you have more time for self-reflection. Economics was also a factor in my decision, because I would have had to include flight and hotel costs for a traditional classroom program.

What in particular was good about the program content and assignments?

The program is excellent! It is difficult to choose one topic as the best since all of them are related to being a secure base leader. All of program director George Kohlrieser's sessions and videos are excellent, and I particularly enjoyed the topic of conflict management (or "putting the fish on the table," as George says about raising difficult issues) and communication.

The exchange of experiences, discussions and interaction with my group was also a highlight of the program. We enjoyed our group phone calls, and sometimes these were even extended to the group assignments.

How did the coaching on the program help you?

I had the pleasure to have Sandra Wetherall-Abbott as my coach. I enjoyed our email and telephone exchanges because I could apply the learnings to my current situation at that time, and she guided me through questions and observations on my inputs to find the answers by myself. It was done in a very natural manner that didn't make me feel like I was in a "coaching session".

What was the single biggest highlight of the program for you?

Being part of it!

Learning Leadership, directed by IMD Professor George Kohlrieser, teaches you how to lead yourself and others to sustained success and provides you with a "play to win" mindset to breathe new life into your team's performance.

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