Boost your business performance - senior executive development at IMD business school

Shape your company's future, seize new business opportunties and build top leadership skills. Join a senior executive development program at IMD business school - ranked 1st in open programs for the last 6 years.

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Executive development programs for:

Prepare a new strategy that will make your business thrive with Advanced Strategic Management. You'll discover new ways to think about strategy, how to make better strategic choices, and how to mobilize your teams around new goals.

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Find new growth opportunities for your business in just 13 days. During the Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives, you'll identify a new business opportunity and prepare to drive the organizational change needed to bring it to market.

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IMD's signature executive program

Get ahead in leadership, management, business, strategy, innovation, digital and more! Join Orchestrating Winning Performance, a custom short program for individuals and executive teams.

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IMD business school is ranked #1 in open programs

The Financial Times has ranked IMD 1st six years in a row

IMD is also #2 overall in executive education and second in custom programs worldwide

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