Harness Digital Innovation to transform your Business 

As an executive or a manager whose business unit and/or company is transforming for digital operations, you know you need to take charge of transformation – or it will take charge of you.

IMD executive programs in digital disruption ensure you have what it takes to leverage digital innovations for successful transformation within your organization. Manage opportunities and threats, and digitize the value chain to create real, ongoing value

Develop an effective strategy to shape your digital future. See our programs below

Leading Digital Business Transformation
with winning strategies for senior leaders

Senior business leaders require visionary strategies to lead digital transformation for enduring competitiveness. Explore the full digital landscape in this campus-based course, guided by world-class experts. Prepare to launch a robust digital model that meets all your stakeholder needs.

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Digital Disruption for managers seeking to navigate smoothly  

This unique 100% online business course equips managers and teams to confidently manage digital disruption and navigate through organizational transformation. Learn the tools and frameworks to create value through effective digital strategy. Weekly personalized coaching drives your learning home.

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