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Leadership strength is critical to career success from your first management positions to senior leadership roles. Your capacity to drive team performance for business results depends on leadership. Perfecting your leadership skills take self-awareness, especially of your best strengths – so you can develop your personal leadership style to become the true leader you can be.

Internationally top-ranked IMD business school has been training top leaders for generations. Our unique approach draws out the leader in you through hands-on learning and expert coaching for lasting results.

IMD business school leadership skills programs equip leaders at all levels for top performance.

Find your leadership program below:

Mobilizing People for experienced managers aiming to lead with impact

Experienced managers hone effective leadership in this one-of-a-kind experiential program. Guided self-reflection, group work and leadership exercises come together on campus and at a session in the Swiss Alps. Personalized coaching during and after the course ensures lasting career impact.

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High Performance Leadership: leadership program for ongoing strength

Leadership learning never stops – in fact it becomes more critical as your profile in your organization rises. In this on-campus program, top executives deepen self- and team-awareness to achieve the next level of leadership performance. Intensive group coaching boosts your capacity for inspiring, authoritative leadership.

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Strategies for Leadership to energize leadership for senior female executives

Successful senior and upper-mid female executives know that their authentic leadership is unique. This on-campus program was designed specifically to target and nurture women’s leadership styles, strengths and points to develop. Solidify your ongoing performance, prepare for top leadership roles.

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The First 90 Days: conquer the challenges of transition in your first 90 days

The First 90 Days program helps leaders in career transition - joining a new business in a leadership role or moving up internally - to get up to speed quickly and find ways to create positive momentum in their new role.

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Learning Leadership to boost careers for high-potential middle managers

Gain immediate performance impact by applying leadership learning to a current project as part of this 100% online course. This unique feature, along with pre-program 360° feedback and weekly personalized coaching, ensures high-potential middle managers get action-ready for greater leadership responsibility.

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How to change your employee behavior

Have a different look at your employees with this online course that comes with weekly personalized coaching. You will take away practical tools that target a change in employee behavior, encouraging confidence and resilience in others and boosting individual and organizational performance.

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