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The IMD web site is an extensive guide to IMD and its activities. Finding your way to the information you need isn't always easy as the site contains hundreds of pages. This help section contains the resources necessary to help make the task easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
How can I find specific information regarding a certain topic on your website? There are two interactive applications on our web site to enable you to find specific information on demand: Search IMD and the IMD Site Navigator. Both can be found on every page of our site on the top navigation bar above.

Search IMD enables you to perform keyword text search.

The IMD Site Navigator is the pull-down menu located on the left of the navigation bar and enables you to select specific pages within the site.

If you continue to have problems finding what you need, we invite you to contact the IMD Webmaster for specific queries.
How may I obtain article reprints, books or cases authored by IMD Faculty? Contact C├ędric Vaucher at +41.21.618.0284 regarding faculty publications.

IMD cases are available from the European Case Clearing House at +441 234 750 903 or +01 781 239 5884 in the US.

A complete list of faculty publications is available on each faculty member's page.
I am trying to reach someone who works at IMD. How can I contact them? If you know the area or team the person works for, you can search for their contact information by selecting 'Contact IMD' from the Navigation Bar above and then selecting 'Find Someone at IMD' from the menu on the left. Select the area in which your contact works.
I need more information about a specific aspect of IMD, whom can I contact? Select 'Contact IMD' from the Navigation Bar above and then select 'IMD Areas of Activity' from the menu on the left. Search for contact information based on your area of interest.
I am an alumnus of IMD, how can I access the IMD Alumni Network? The Alumni Network can be accessed by selecting Alumni Network on the splash page or from the Site Navigator tool on the navigation bar.

If you are not already a member, fill out the registration form and we will mail you a username and password within 1-2 working days.

Contact the IMD Alumni Network office by e-mail at or by phone at +41 21 618 0398 or 618 0227 for further information.
What is the IMD Community and why should I join? The IMD Community is a network of corporate partners, alumni and interested individuals. By joining, you can access a variety of customized, personalized features and services. While the most advanced services will be reserved for members of our Alumni and corporate Learning Networks, there is something for everyone.
What is the best way to apply for a program at IMD? Each program has different requirements regarding application procedures. In some cases you can apply online or by downloading an application form. For other programs it is best to contact the Program Administrator for further information. If you are unsure about what the preferred method is, contact the administrator of the program for further instruction.

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