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IMD employs about 300 people from all over the world. In this section, you can find all IMD Faculty and their biographies.

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Jean-Pierre Jeannet

Swiss, American, Emeritus Professor

PhD and MBA University of Massachusetts

Marketing, Strategy

Tawfik Jelassi

French, Tunisian, Professor

PhD New York University

Programs: Orchestrating Winning Performance, Digital Execution - High Performance Boards


Jennifer Jordan

American, Professor

PhD, M.Phil, MSc, Yale University

Programs: Digital Leadership

Interpersonal Leadership, Organizational Design

Amit Joshi

American, Indian, Professor

PhD, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Marketing, Strategy

Kamran Kashani

Iranian, Swiss, Emeritus Professor

DBA Harvard Business School


J. B. M. Kassarjian

American, Emeritus Professor

DBA Harvard University, BS in Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University


Denise H. Kenyon-Rouvinez

Swiss, American, Professor

Ph.D., HEC Lausanne

Programs: Leading the Family Business - Leading the Family Office


Peter J. Killing

Canadian, Emeritus Professor

PhD in Business Strategy University of Western Ontario


George Kohlrieser

American, Professor

PhD Ohio State University

Programs: Advanced High Performance Leadership, High Performance Leadership, Learning Leadership - High Performance Leadership, Advanced High Performance Leadership

Interpersonal Leadership

Jan Z. Kubes

American, Czech, Emeritus Professor

Dr. ès sc. écon. University of Lausanne, MBA Harvard Business School


Jean-Pierre Lehmann

American, French, Emeritus Professor

PhD Oxford University

Political Economy

Benoit F. Leleux

Belgian, Swiss, Professor


Programs: Program for Executive Development, Foundations for Business Leadership - Leading the Family Business, Strategic Finance, Leading the Family Office, Master of Business Administration


Thomas W. Malnight

American, Professor

DBA Harvard Business School


Jean-François Manzoni

French, Canadian, Professor

PhD Harvard Business School

Programs: Orchestrating Winning Performance

Organizational Design, Self-Leadership

Donald A. Marchand

American, Emeritus Professor

PhD, MA, University of California at Los Angeles; BA, University of California at Berkeley


Seán Meehan

Irish, Professor

PhD London Business School

Programs: Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives - High Performance Boards


Stefan Michel

Swiss, Professor

Dr. oec. publ. University of Zurich

Programs: Executive MBA, Pricing Excellence in Tough B2B Markets, Marketing Management - Strategic Marketing in Action, Foundations for Business Leadership, Master of Business Administration


Amit Shankar Mukherjee

American, Indian, Professor

DBA Harvard Business School

Interpersonal Leadership, Strategy

Anand Narasimhan

Indian, British, Professor

PhD Vanderbilt University

Programs: Leading the Family Business

Interpersonal Leadership

Jayanth Narayanan

Indian, Singaporean, Professor

PhD, London Business School

Interpersonal Leadership, Self-Leadership

Winter Nie

American, Chinese, Professor

PhD University of Utah

Programs: Leading the Global Supply Chain