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The IMD EMBA is Europe's 1st Executive MBA program with over 1000 Executive MBA alumni

EMBA alumni are also join the exclusive IMD network of global executives worldwide:

» 100,000 executives in 140 countries
» 11,000 board level and C-suite
» 45 alumni clubs around the globe

Top-ranked alumni network

The Economist 2014 ranking "Student rating of the usefulness of the alumni network" places IMD in the top 10, and #1 outside of the US.

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The learning journey during an EMBA program should help you to become a more reflective leader, a better strategist, and a more mindful person with a high level of self-awareness. If you accomplish this, you will realize that the main gain of an EMBA program is not monetary, but personal.

Nonetheless, in addition to broader perspectives, valuable opportunities for development and powerful networks, Financial Times also surveyed a 43% salary increase according to the Executive MBA Ranking 2016. This is calculated by the difference in average alumni salary before the EMBA to three years after graduation.  

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The IMD EMBA also is designed for the participant's organization to reap both immediate and long term benefits. The success of the company directly contributes to the success of the participant. Through a series of company-related assignments, IMD EMBA participants apply their learning to their company operations

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Career Planning

The IMD EMBA Career Management Module empowers executives to pro-actively plan their career to be the "masters of their destiny". Career management support consists of defining your work preferences, clarifying your career goal, defining a career strategy and providing tools and guidance to act on your strategy.

Such support is equally important for participants changing employment after the EMBA as for participants remaining with their employers to manage their career within the context of their current organization. The module covers career design, job hunting and how to best leverage your experience and skills.

The module is additionally supplemented by a series of webinars including:

  • Networking and how to access the "informal" job market
  • Interview techniques
  • Discovering, structuring and communicating your brand.

Further CV support is offered during the module, establishing how to best design and structure your skills, experience and qualifications .

Career Progression

5 year progression of the 2011 class shows a clear jump into senior management and leadership roles, with a small group going independent:

EMBA participants continue their careers while they study, seeking to enrich their learning and accelerate their career path while remaining in their organization.

The 2011 class at 5 years post-program, only 41% have changed companies and only 22% have changed industry. They have generally taken on larger general management roles and leadership roles within their previous company and most likely stayed within their industry, a testament to the vision of the IMD EMBA.



 IMD ranked FIRST by Financial Times in open programs worldwide five years in a row

Financial Times 2012 - 2016: 5 YEARS IN A ROW

#1 in open programs worldwide

TOP 3 in executive education worldwide

Financial Times EMBA Ranking 2016

#2 worldwide for international faculty

#3 worldwide for work experience rank

#3 worldwide for international students

#9 worldwide for salary today 

Economist 2014

#1 outside the US and #9 in the US for "Student rating of the usefulness of the alumni network"

More rankings:

#1 worldwide (2014), Financial Times MBA Program; Criteria: International Faculty, International Mobility, Aims Achieved, International Business Placement Success

#2 outside the US (2015), Forbes One-year MBA program

#9 FT European Business School Rankings 2015

#13 FT Global MBA Ranking 2016


We are a close knit learning community whose mission is to support and accelerate your leadership journey beyond your on-campus program. In an increasingly interconnected and uncertain business environment, our aim is to support you in developing the skills, resources and contacts to impact your organization and the world at large.

Alumni Clubs & Events

Develop your local network by joining your local Alumni Club. Alumni Clubs hold regular learning & networking events relevant to local Alumni needs. Your local Club also gives you another channel to access the Alumni across the world through the global club network.

» Alumni Clubs

Stay ahead of your peers and competitors by attending Alumni events aimed at exposing you to the latest thought leadership and connecting you to other Alumni who share the same interests or needs.

» Alumni Events

Online Resources

Online Communities: Build powerful business networks and tap into vast knowledgebase on IMD's online collaboration platform. Connect and collaborate with other Alumni, IMD professors and thought leaders, start discussions, organize interest groups and events, share documents, class and industry news.

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LinkedIn Groups: As a participant in the IMD Executive MBA, we invite you to join the official EMBA Alumni group on LinkedIn. This is an opportunity to connect with colleagues who attended the same program as you and to recommend the EMBA program to others in your network.

Joining the official EMBA Alumni group also automatically gives you access to the official IMD Alumni group on LinkedIn - a worldwide network of executives that share the same interests, the same challenges and the same willingness to do business together.

» Access the EMBA Alumni group on LinkedIn

Alumni Directory: The IMD Alumni Directory provides you with a unique, user-friendly guide to the professional details of more than 90,000 executives - including your fellow EMBA alumni - worldwide. Access to the Directory is exclusive to IMD alumni. Access is password protected and based on the understanding that it will be used solely as a reference and professional global networking resource.

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Market Intelligence: Access high quality databases where you will find articles, country reports, industry reports and more. Learn from the latest news and research on a variety of topics.

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