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Beyond the 4 days on campus, Strategies for Leadership includes intensive pre-program assignments and post-program support. Prior to the program, you are asked to reflect on your personal and professional journey so far by writing a personal narrative. After the program, you attend a personal coaching session to help consolidate the program's key learnings. Additional coaching sessions can also be arranged (fees apply). A number of follow up events are also organized by the alumni network, including the annual SL Alumni Retreat. These events support your ongoing leadership journey and provide an opportunity to both stay in touch and help each other as peer coaches or mentors.

Lifelong learning at IMD

IMD also offers on-going education opportunities to all alumni to keep your skills and knowledge cutting edge. As an alumna, you can attend business forums and other regular events across the world and access the latest developments in business research and thinking through our interactive Wednesday Webcast series.

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Strategies for Leadership

Empowering women executives

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High Performance Leadership

Listen, influence, impact

Challenges experienced executives to improve their effectiveness in leading individuals and teams for superior sustained performance

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IMD's programs are ranked highly by the world's most influential business publications.

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Strategies for Leadership