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Are you one of those individuals who thinks that leaders are made rather than born? Then you are right. The latest research shows that only 30% of leadership can be attributed to genetic make-up, while 70% is linked to development. But where should we start? If we had to pick up the most important ability for leaders to develop it would be self-awareness - some people even label it 'leadership's first commandment'. Mobilizing People draws on the defining principle that self-awareness is the best predictor of leadership success. The motto of the program is "change begins with me", because before mobilizing others, leaders need to mobilize themselves - they need to reflect on which assumptions and behaviors they need to leave behind and which ones to include into their evolving repertoire.

Mobilizing People is for those who are prepared to face the unvarnished truth about themselves with the goal to improve. If you are ready to join us in this leadership development journey we would love to welcome you in the MP program.

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Mobilizing People

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As you develop leadership skills you gain new insights into yourself and your team that can transform your business for the better.  Discover how one participant has grown from Mobilizing People

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