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Alumni groups

As a participant in Leading Digital Business Transformation, you are invited to join the LDBT Alumni group on IMD's collaboration platform, which is being launched in 2015.

Joining the official LDBT Alumni Group gives you access to a worldwide network of executives that share the same interests, the same challenges and the same willingness to do business together. You get the opportunity to ask questions, share your expertise and co-create the group's collective knowledge on this ever-evolving topic.

Access the LDBT Alumni group

IMD Alumni Directory - access to 80,000 senior executives in 140 countries

The IMD Alumni Directory provides you with unique access to the professional details of more than 80,000 executives in more than 140 countries - including your fellow LDBT alumni - worldwide. Access to the Directory is exclusive to IMD alumni. Access is password protected and based on the understanding that it will be used solely as a reference and professional global networking resource.

Privacy and Conditions of use:

Under no circumstances may the data in the IMD Alumni Directory be used for marketing purposes. This includes direct mailings or any mailing that promotes a particular company or promotes a particular person (e.g. unsolicited mailing of a curriculum vitae).

Access the IMD alumni directory

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