How can I learn more about the profile of the other participants in my program?
Where does the program take place?
What preparation is required before I come to the program?
In which language are the programs taught?
What are the fee, application, invoicing, cancellation and transfer policies?
How can I settle my tuition fee invoice?
Does IMD offer any financial aid or scholarships?
Are meals included in the program tuition fee?
Do I receive a certificate at the end of the program?
What benefits are there for IMD Alumni?
What is the dress code at IMD?
Should I bring my laptop to IMD?
What parking facilities are there at IMD?
How far is Lausanne from Geneva Airport, and how do I get to Lausanne from the airport?
Is my hotel booked by IMD or should I book it myself?
Who do I inform about special dietary requirements?
Can I pay in Euros or Dollars when in Switzerland?
Is there an Information Center or Library on campus?
Is there a Fitness Center at IMD?
Is there a Souvenir Shop at IMD?
My question is not listed here, whom should I contact?