Tomorrow's challenges


Should some patients pay more than others for a new blockbuster drug?

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The co-innovation sweet spot

Companies pursuing a strategy of co-innovation can mess up in two ways: changing too little or changing too much

Shifting industry boundaries mean that change is happening faster and coming at us from all directions.

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Transparency, a new strategy to communicate sustainability performance

Would your company pass the "newspaper test?"

At present, many sustainable organizations find it hard to convey their sustainability performance to stakeholders, while less sustainable rivals often benefit through "greenwashing" practices. So how can corporate sustainability be measured and recognized more accurately?

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The ascent of online travel agents (OTAs)

And why Google will likely be planning your next vacation

If you are like most people in the developed world, you have had at least one infuriating experience when booking a hotel room or an airline ticket.

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The value of good governance

Research demonstrates that choosing to do the right thing can mean higher returns

We are witnessing a period of ever-growing financial regulation and new governance rules aimed at promoting transparency and avoiding the failures of the past. The intention is to prevent the world being plunged into another financial crisis as a consequence of inadequacies in how companies are run.

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Building on Talent

Developing the next generation of leaders

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IMD Executive MBA program

Never stop learning

Provides experienced executives with an opportunity to achieve mastery of business concepts, leadership skills and continuous learning without leaving their job

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IMD in the rankings

IMD's programs are ranked highly by the world's most influential business publications.

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Building on Talent