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Leading Digital Business Transformation Program


Leading Digital Business Transformation is designed for business leaders and senior managers from all business areas, who wish to develop a strategic roadmap for digital business transformation in their organizations.


Having the right technologies in place is important, but not sufficient. The full benefits of digital transformation can only be realized through a clear understanding of digital technologies, a visionary digital strategy, appropriate organizational change, and extensive capability building. During LDBT, you will learn how to:

  • Develop a digital strategy that leverages your competitive advantage and preserves it for the future

  • Adapt your structures and processes to take advantage of digital opportunities and reduce digital threats

  • Recognize new digital technologies that will impact your business

  • Identify new products and markets that can be accessed through digital technologies

  • Roll out the capability development process to support the digital change in your organization


5 days.

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Digital Disruption: Competing in the Digital Vortex  - IMD Global Leadership in the Cloud

To compete today, you must be well prepared to manage digital disruption. Recent research from the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation indicates that by 2020, 4 of today’s top 10 companies by market share will be displaced. To successfully navigate through this disruption and organizational change, you must be able to identify where your digital opportunities are, and how to manage the threats. You need to know which tools and technologies are relevant to you, and how to formulate a digital strategy that creates more value for all your customers and wider stakeholders. You also need to manage the people side of digital disruption.

In this program, you will learn to:

  • Identify challenges and opportunities for digital transformation

  • Develop an effective digital strategy

  • Employ tools and frameworks to manage the disruption and gain competitive advantage

  • Create digital value for customers, employees, channel partners and wider stakeholders

  • Become a more confident, agile innovator for your business

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Digital Business Transformation at OWP

Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP) is a custom 5-day program for individuals and teams at all career stages.

In one comprehensive program, you get the latest business management trends while building specific capabilities of your choice – giving you the confidence to provide direction and leadership in today's ever-changing world. Plus, you are introduced to a global network of leading business executives.

In 2017, OWP is offering 7 exclusive streams on the topic of digital business transformation!

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IMD are leading the way in demystifying the biggest business change since the industrial revolution. Excellent content from a program maturing to become the leading training ground for tomorrow's digital leaders.

Nik Willetts

Deputy CEO & Chief Digital Officer |TM Forum | United Kingdom

IMD's LDBT program really opened my eyes to the digital threat looming ahead and makes it easy for executives to find opportunities to ride the digital curve for a better customer experience.

Mayank Gauri

Deput CEO & Group Digital Transfromation| Metcash | Australia