Digital Vortex

Digital Vortex

To learn more about the current state of digital disruption and the outlook for industries, the DBT Center surveyed 941 business leaders around the world in 12 industries.  The results of the survey surfaced several troubling findings about the potential for disruption, and incumbents’ readiness to adapt. Survey respondents believe an average of roughly four of today’s top 10 incumbents (in terms of market share) in each industry will be displaced by digital disruption in the next five years. Yet, 45% of companies don’t feel digital disruption warrants board-level attention.


What is digital disruption?

Digital disruption is the effect of digital technologies and business models on a company’s current value proposition, and its resulting market position. Digital disruption has the potential to overturn incumbents and reshape markets faster than any force in history.

Digital disruptors are particularly dangerous because they grow enormous user bases seemingly overnight, then are agile enough to convert those users into business models that threaten incumbents in multiple markets.

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