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The DBT Center will introduce a major thought leadership platform approximately once per quarter. It will also issue other, smaller-scale content on a rolling basis.

Smart City: Six Steps To Transform Your City

By Pfaeffli, Rollier, Vonlanthen, Wade - 24/04/2017

This paper lays out a practical framework for transformative, technological urban initiatives referred to as ‘Smart City projects’ and is targeted at city leaders across the globe who aspire to make their cities “smart.”

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Redefining Leadership for a Digital Age

By Neubauer, Tarling, Wade - 02/03/2017

In this report, we identify a number of key competencies and business behaviors of Agile Leaders who thrive in a digitally disrupted business environment.

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Digital Vortex: How Today's Market Leaders Can Beat Disruptive Competitors at Their Own Game

By Loucks, Macaulay, Noronha, Wade - 01/06/2016

With recommendations backed by research with thousands of senior executives from market leaders and startups alike, this book gives you a compass to chart your own course - to compete with disruptors and win.

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scenario, strategy, future, 2025, stress test

The Business World in 2025: Four Scenarios to Stress Test Your Strategy

By Trombini, Wade, Monterde, Kuun, Garrity, Buche - 11/05/2016

In the fall of 2015, a team of IMD professors, business researchers, executives, political scientists, and economists came together to identify the trends that are most likely to affect global business in the next 10 years.

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smart, city, cities, public, sector, government

Smart City: Essentials for City Leaders

By Pfaeffli, Rollier, Vonlanthen, Wade - 11/05/2016

A joint initiative of IMD & Swisscom, this publication aims to provide city leaders with a framework or roadmap to help them drive successful Smart City initiatives.

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workforce transformation, people management, human capital, human resources

Workforce Transformation in the Digital Vortex: Reimagining work for Digital Business Agility

By Loucks, Macaulay, Noronha, Wade - 01/04/2016

To respond to this disruption, companies focus solely on IT and business processes change. These businesses are forgetting that people are their most important asset.

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business model, vortex, innovation, value

New Paths to Customer Value: Disruptive Business Models in the Digital Vortex

By Bradley, Loucks, Macaulay, Noronha, Wade - 01/11/2015

This report builds on a review of hundreds of digital disruptors to identify 15 distinct business models. If you are being disrupted, or want to become a disruptor, then you will definitely need to understand these different models.

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value, vacancy, disruptor, vampire

Competing in the Digital Vortex: Value Vampires & Value Vacancies

By Loucks, Macaualy, Noronha, Wade - 01/11/2015

A value vampire is a company whose competitive advantage shrinks the overall market size.Value vacancies are market opportunities that can be exploited with digital disruption.

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vortex, disruptor, disrupted, strategy, agility

Disruptor and Disrupted: Strategy in the Digital Vortex

By Bradley, Loucks, Macaulay, Noronha, Wade - 01/11/2015

This report describes a key foundation of digital business transformation: digital business agility, and outlines a set of four offensive and defensive strategies to compete in the digital vortex.

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disruption, digital, vortex, digitization, industry

Digital Vortex: How Digital Disruption is Redefining Industries

By Bradley, Loucks, Macaulay, Noronha, Wade - 23/06/2015

This report describes the results of a survey of 941 business and IT leaders in 12 industries and 13 countries. The results indicate that digital disruption will displace 40% of today's top 10 incumbents by industry within the next five years.

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journey, framework, transformation

Digital Business Transformation: A Conceptual Framework

By Wade - 23/06/2015

The digital business transformation journey can be broken down into three critical questions: Why transform? What to transform? and, How to transform?

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