Digital Piano

Digital Transformation Execution with the Digitization Piano

Digital business transformation can take many forms and smart transformation requires prioritization. The Digitization Piano is a tool to help executives to implement digitally-enabled change across the organizational value chain.

The Digitization Piano is divided into three sections: Digital Strategy, Digital Engagement, and Digital Enablers. Each category contains a set of 'keys'. An assessment can be made of the current level of digitization and anticipated future required level of digitization for each key. Thus, an organization can see a visual map of the existing state of preparedness for digital business transformation along with the desired state. The difference between these two states represents the amount of transformation that is required. In some cases, the difference might be relatively modest, requiring incremental change. In other cases, the gap might be very large, suggesting the need for more radical change.


Prioritizing Business Change using the Digitization Piano

The DBT Center has helped multiple top teams from global organizations apply the digitizaion piano framework to their business. The digitization piano builds an aligned view of the process needed to reshape your organization’s strategic, organizational and leadership agenda.

For more information on customized workshops organized around the digitization piano framework, please contact us.