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Lead the way between China and the World.

Five modules

In this mastery stage you will apply what you have learned during the foundation stage to real business situations. During your mastery journey, you will take part in a series of five face-to-face modules, connected by distance learning sessions and a series of written assignments. The pace is demanding, but designed to be manageable while carrying out your responsibilities at work. Two of these modules will go beyond the campuses of IMD and CKGSB, where our class can experience new and unfamiliar contexts and learn about business in the 21st century.

Core Module London - Business in the East and West

Globalization has turned London into one of the world's most international cities. Led by a financial industry centered in the City and Canary Wharf - straddling the Eastern and Western hemispheres - the UK's capital is also a prominent player in many other industries like fashion, art and film. Here, you will explore the cultural foundations of Western business institutions, and understand the distinctive features of both Western and Eastern economic and social systems. You will broaden your understanding of the global business environment and discover how your company is affected by the growing East-West dynamics.

Core Module Johannesburg - Foreign Direct Investment, Strategy and Leadership

Africa's formidable demographics and its considerable resources make it a bright continent for economic growth in the decades to come. In recent years, Africa has shown itself to be not only a location of entrepreneurial vitality but also a destination for foreign direct investment, much of it from Asia. Here, you will learn about trends in economic and social development in Africa, visiting local companies and entrepreneurs. You will examine how Eastern and Western economic forces are converging on a region that combines significant challenges with attractive prospects, and consider how this region could provide your company with significant growth opportunities.

Core Module Shanghai - China and New Business Models

Shanghai is home to the leading edge of Chinese business and represents China's emphasis on global interaction. A diverse, commercial metropolis, sleek skyscrapers define its skyline. Many of the West's multinationals (MNCs) have established their headquarters in Shanghai and several of China's most successful entrepreneurial companies are also based in Shanghai. You will have the opportunity to meet with top Chinese entrepreneurs. You will learn about new trends in business models, e-commerce, and gain insights on Chinese consumer behavior and how to design strategies for the Chinese market.

Core Module Lausanne - Political and Economic Trends East and West

A major trend in the 21st century is globalization: growing competition for access to resources and markets, and growing interdependence among countries and companies. Institutional frameworks are under review as the flow of goods, capital, and people accelerate across borders. We return to IMD, near Geneva and home of many international agencies, to consider developments in the world's economic system, and address matters of law, taxation, immigration, and world competitiveness. You will learn the differences between East and West in terms of markets, free exchange, innovation, profit, duty, authority, power and governance and reflect on how that affects your own company's international operations.

Core Module Beijing - Mastering the Future: Corporate, Individual, Team

In our final module, we provide a synthesis of learning at the level of companies and economies, and consider implications for you as a leader in the 21st century. Leadership, effective interpersonal interaction, team work, and network building come to the fore as we consolidate gains from an intense learning experience and look to the future.

Distance Learning - Written Assignments

Between modules of the mastery stage, you will work on a series of written assignments supervised by IMD and CKGSB Faculty. The program becomes part of your daily life. Based in your office or at home, you work at a distance with Faculty and your classmates completing assignments that use your company as the learning "laboratory". There are eight assignments in total, six are company-related; delving into economics, marketing, finance, strategy, organization and execution; while two focus on leadership, one at the team-level and one at the personal-level. The company assignments are an opportunity for you to apply what you have learned to real-world situations in your own work context but also in the context of the destinations you are emerged in during the mastery stage core modules. The leadership assignments are a chance to really focus on yourself and explore your authority as an individual and in the context of groups. These assignments will call for you to work independently, conducting analysis and submitting written work to reach the high standards of the EMBA program. All assignments will be individually graded and reviewed, and must reflect a depth of reflection and mastery of the assignment objectives.

IMD - CKGSB Dual Executive MBA

Lead the way between China and the world

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