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Business Forum - Hellerup, October 11, 2010

  Which Global Trends could impact your business and what you can do about it?

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming Global Trends event on Monday October 11th 2010, hosted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in Hellerup.

Tom Malnight, Professor of Strategy and General Management at IMD, will share his views on how organizations and executives can often be overtaken by "surprise" fundamental shifts in their environments. These shocks demonstrate how big a gap there can be between what we "knew" (and have traditionally relied on for our success) and what’s "new" (and will shape the environment in which we live and operate in the future.

During this session Professor Malnight will introduce a framework and approach for exploring and addressing the key macro-trends which are currently shaping our future. The framework highlights three core areas of change which are driving four expanding areas of competition arising from the dynamics within and between the trends. Be warned though! This session will offer more challenges and questions than answers. The session will challenge you – and your team – to build not only your understanding of the changes shaping our future but also to accelerate the process of understanding and defining the implications for your business.

The LEGO Group will provide an example of how companies can actively work with global trends and take advantage of the business opportunities they offer.

Details Date & Time
Monday, October 11, 2010

15h00 - 15h30 Registration
15h30 - 15h40 Welcome
15h40 - 16h40 Global Trends
                     Professor Tom Malnight
16h40 - 17h10 Cocktail & Networking
17h10 - 17h45 LEGO case example
                     SVP Per Hjuler, LEGO Group
17h45 - 18h00 Q&A with Tom Malnight and Per Hjuler

Strandvejen 44
2900 Hellerup

Parking space can be found 

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What is an IMD Business Forum?

IMD's Business Forums are organized by IMD throughout the world. They gather IMD's Alumni, executives and managers from companies who are members of the IMD Corporate Learning Network as well as top decision makers. Focusing on leadership, management and business issues influencing regional & global development and growth, the Forums are interactive, informative events that will also provide you with great networking opportunities. They create compelling dialogue and provide a platform for cross-industry, high-level debate and discussion. You will discover the exceptional standards we set in executive education.


Which Global Trends could impact your business and what you can do about it? Hellerup, October 11, 2010

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