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Digital and Social Strategy: What has the internet done to your strategy, and what you should do about it?

  What has digital and social media done to your strategy

Social Media


September 3 & 4, 2015



Professor Mikolaj Jan Piskorski


As of last year, people spend more time on the Internet than watching TV. They use it to interact socially with others on Facebook, watch YouTube videos, read blogs and product reviews, and use Google to find information both before and after product purchase.
All of these actions have fundamentally changed the customer decision journey, which no longer resembles a typical marketing funnel. Now, customers are no longer beholden to TV or newspaper advertising to find out what they should buy.
Instead, they are now free to gather their own information about which products to buy, often listening to other product users or product influencers.

This trend is affecting your company and many others, even in the B2B industries. So what should you do?

This Discovery Event will give you an integrated framework for analyzing how your customer decision journey has changed and how you should respond. Drawing on his large-scale quantitative and qualitative research Professor Piskorski will discuss how large firms such as American Express, Nike, General Electric, T-Mobile and others have fundamentally changed their strategies to take advantage of the changing customer decision journey to leap ahead of their competitors.
In doing so, he will emphasize the importance of changing the actual product offering to fit the new digital realities. He will conclude by outlining the set of organizational changes necessary to develop and implement such new digital strategies.

You will discover how to

1)  Identify your customers' decision journey both online and offline
2)  Best position yourself along the customer decision journey with particular emphasis on having third parties influencing your product purchase
3)  Evolve existing product offering to help be present along the customer decision journey
4)  Develop an organizational change process necessary to identify and implement new digital strategies
Who should attend: general managers concerned about the changing role of internet in strategy; product managers who want to take advantage of the new digital opportunities; marketing managers who want to adapt their marketing strategies to the new realities.


Digital and Social Strategy: What has the internet done to your strategy, and what you should do about it?, Lausanne, September 3-4, 2015

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