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Web 2.0 - Discontinuous Change

  Web 2-0 - Discontinuous Change

Innovation and Learning

Date February 25-26 2010

In recent years, industries have been changing at an increasingly rapid pace due to the emergence of new technologies and business models. Relying on these new technologies and business models, new market entrants continue to redefine the competitive landscape in many industries. Industry incumbents are continuously challenged to cope with the threats posed by these new entrants, unless they are able to readjust the way they compete. However, adjusting to changes in the environment is particularly difficult when incumbents have to rethink the established, fundamental premises of how their business works. In the first part of this two-day Discovery Event, we want to take a closer look at the underlying reasons why established players have such difficulties adapting to discontinuous changes. The discussion will revolve around industries that are threatened by new entrants that relying on Web 2.0 technologies. Thomas Schroeter, CEO of the online dictionary site, will share his experiences as a new entrant in the publishing market.

In the second part, we will take a closer look at the possibilities that the Web 2.0 offers to co-create value with customers. Our particular focus will be on mass customization and Web 2.0 technologies. Jana Eggers, CEO of the mass-customization apparel company Spreadshirt, will share her insights of mass-customization allows Spreadshirt to tap into the long tail of fashion retailing.


· What can established players do to defend themselves against the threats posed by new market entrants?
· How can Web 2.0 technologies be leveraged to co-create value with customers?
· How can mass-customization be used to target customers in the long tail?


Web 2.0 - Discontinuous Change, Lausanne, Switzerland, February 25-26, 2010

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