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The Sharing Economy—a new paradigm or business as usual?

  The Sharing Economy

The Sharing Economy


September 24 & 25, 2015


Sharing among individuals and private households on online community markets has started to play an important role in today's interconnected social environment.

Companies such as the rental accommodation provider AirBnB or the ridesharing company Uber are growing rapidly and are making headlines in the international press as they undermine the traditional business models of entire industries. Due to their fundamentally different way of creating and capturing value, these new business models present formidable challenges for established players while also holding great promise for innovators seeking to exploit new opportunities.

During this discovery event we want to

-  Discuss how sharing-based business models function and how they are different from traditional business models.
-  Better understand the key challenges of setting up sharing-based business models
-  Analyse the threats and opportunities that the sharing economy presents for our own companies
-  Explore in a systematic way how we can integrate these new forms of doing business into our own business models.

To provide up-to-date coverage of this rapidly evolving field, we will discuss live-cases with senior executives of established companies trying to adjust to the sharing economy and we will also hear the perspectives of entrepreneurs entering the sharing economy with their start-ups.

Target audience

Leaders from a diverse range of industries who are interested in finding out more about the relevance of the sharing economy in today's business environment.


The Sharing Economy—a new paradigm or business as usual?, Lausanne, September 24-25, 2015

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