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The Halo Effect: How HR managers can get to grips with what really drives business performance

  IMD Discovery Event - The Halo Effect
Topic Globalization
Date November 26-27 2009

Much of our thinking about company performance is shaped by delusions -- errors of judgment and mistakes of logic that distort our understanding of success and failure. Most prominent is the Halo Effect, a well-known psychological phenomenon in which people make attributions based on outcomes. As a result, many of the things we often believe drive performance are better understood as reflections of performance.

The Halo Effect is especially prevalent in the field of human resource management, where it affects a range of issues from recruiting, to performance evaluation, to surveys of employee satisfaction. This Event will identify many ways the Halo Effect touches the world of HR, and will offer guidelines for more effective management.


  • How the Halo Effect shapes our understanding of company performance
  • How it can bias interviewing and selection decision
  • How it affects performance evaluation and measurement systems
  • How it undermines so much conventional thinking about employee satisfaction
  • What you can do to improve HR at your firm

Who Should Attend:

  • Any and all managers interested in employee development, performance evaluation, or assessment
  • General managers of all fields, too, will find the ideas of great interest.

The Halo Effect, Lausanne, Switzerland, November 26-27, 2009

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