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The Competitiveness Challenge and the World Economy

  The Competitiveness Challenge and the World Economy

Competitiveness Challenge


June 18 & 19, 2015


The year 2014 has not been a quiet year. Political and economic risks have materialized, but at the same time the exit from the 2008-2009 crises seems close. In this situation, several world economies have implemented severe reform programs to revitalize growth and prosperity (Japan, Mexico, Ukraine…). 

What is the prospects for success of these reforms? Are politicians in the right track to push their countries forward? What are the lessons we can learn from successes and failures? By looking at the Competitiveness outlook for 2015 we will discuss what the best recipes for economic growth are. The Event will also be an opportunity to present for the first time the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking of 2015.

Discover how to

-Identify what works best in economic policy
-Assess the potential of countries
-Understand what competitiveness is and why it matters
-Map the world, into sustainable and unsustainable economic models

Target audience

Executives interested in the World Economy


The Competitiveness Challenge and the World Economy, Lausanne, June 18-19, 2015

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