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  The China Business Environment 2016



February 11-12, 2016

Details One Belt – One Road: China’s Re-Engineering the Global Business Environment by Jean-Pierre Lehmann

Overview Description:

Contrary to popular belief there is no evidence that Napoleon ever said: “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.” But he could (should?) have. For most of recorded history, China’s was the world’s biggest economy. Then in the course of the 19th century it collapsed and found itself a passive victim of globalization. Since 1979, when the late Deng Xiaoping launched what is arguably the most radical economic reform program in history, China, in Napoleon’s supposed words, is “shaking the world”. In the process, it is also shaping the world.
The proposed One Belt – One Road (OBOR - also known as the New Silk Road and Maritime Route) may be the most dramatic transformation of the world economy since the industrial revolution. It is likely to re-engineer the planet by incorporating much of the Eurasian continent in a new infrastructure network, with linkages to Africa and Latin America.
It is without a doubt the “hottest” phenomenon of the world business environment.

Key learning objectives:
The project was initiated in 2013, hence very recently, but it has gathered momentum at great speed. This Discovery Event will be a discovery in the true sense of the term. Through a multi-dimension and multi-disciplinary approach, the geographic, geopolitical, institutional, economic, financial, environmental and technological features and forces of the project will be discussed and analyzed. The most important objective is to achieve an understanding of the framework of the OBOR project, and the business challenges and opportunities arising. This will include a study of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.
Participants in this event will be equipped with a map (GPS) of OBOR that will serve as vital input to firms’ global strategies. The event will take the form of a roundtable brainstorming which will include guest panelists from various sectors concerned with OBOR.

Target audience:

Executives from all sectors responsible for their firm’s global strategies, wishing to engage in enhancing knowledge of arguably the most challenging development and prospect of the 21st century world economy.


One Belt – One Road: China’s Re-Engineering the Global Business Environment, Lausanne, February 11-12, 2016

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