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Smart Big Moves:  The secrets of successful strategic shifts

  Smart Big Moves May 7-8-2009
Topic Leadership
Date May 7-8 2009

Big moves, in the form of strategic shifts with a large commitment of resources to a new goal, can make or break a company. Making big moves requires leadership ambition and self-confidence, but these often accompany hubris (presumptuous pride fed by prior success) that make leaders overestimate their abilities and underestimate the challenges involved. The line between confidence and arrogance is easily crossed.

Leadership egos are most likely to get out of control when companies make big moves, the ones that will make or break them. Making big moves requires concentrated doses of leadership ambition and self-confidence, which open up ego-traps created by hubris.

To avoid a corporate disaster and increase the chances of a smart big move, a strategic breakthrough, there are seven critical questions that need honest, unequivocal answers.


• What kind of big move are you trying to make?
• Will the move exploit / enhance competitive advantage?
• How big is the value creating opportunity?
• Are you sure you’re not falling into an ego-trap?
• Will the result be a better balanced business model?
• Will the move complement existing capabilities?
• Do you have the right implementation process and leadership talent?


Smart Big Moves, Lausanne, Switzerland, May 7-8, 2009

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