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Service Strategy: Winning in service

  Service Strategy-Winning in service-October-29-30-2009
Topic Responsible Leadership
Date October 29-30 2009

If you have no customers, you don’t have a business – Said Peter Drücker…The rest comes naturally, especially shareholder value. This is a home truth that has been forgotten by many large companies.Does your company have the customer as its top priority? Where is the evidence? If not what can you do to put your priorities straight again? (as probably the founders of the company you work for did when they started)Through a mix of case studies, hard questioning of your current practices and priorities, we will try to design an action plan to rediscover the crucial importance of customers that your company may have lost.

Forget the rest of your business imperatives for a day and a half and rediscover that the purpose of a business is to create and recreate customers. Beware! Those who come and don’t believe in the above will be shocked.


• How to put your customers first in all transactions
• How to increase shareholder value through better customer processes
• A concrete action plan to put your customers front and central

Who should attend? Managers with customer front line responsibilities Line managers eager to boost their team’s results


Mastering the new Challenges for the Global Enterprise, Lausanne, Switzerland, January 28-29, 2010

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