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Resilient Leadership:

Navigating the Pressures of Modern Working Life

  Resilient Leadership 2014

Leadership and Organizational Behavior


One of the greatest challenges leaders face today is handling pressure from all sides – bosses, employees, performance demands, being on duty 24/7, personal and family expectations, and the related conflicts throughout the whole system. The manifestations of this internal and external pressure include burnout, negative stress, lack of engagement, emotional detachment, exhaustion, psychosomatic illness, depression and even loss of direction. In short, the leader becomes a hostage to the forces around them and even to themselves. Our beliefs and reactions determine whether this stress is positive or negative. Amazingly, recent research shows that stress, even extreme stress, is good for the heart, the brain, and other aspects of the human being when the individual does certain specific things. Resilience leadership is about handling all pressures no matter how severe or long in a way that the leader lives and leads with full energy, full engagement in work and lives with full joy. Leaders must not only use these skills with themselves, but also must model and help employees to do the same. It is not the pressure nor the stress that is the problem; it is how one perceives and how the social system responds. This a new model of leadership for sustainability of human energy .

- How to respond to pressure in self and others
- Practical applications and options for managing pressure

Who should attend:
Middle Management and above

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Resilient Leadership, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 11-12, 2014

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