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  Pricing Excellence 2016

Value Creation


April 21-22, 2016


Capturing Value and Avoiding Commoditization through Pricing Excellence by Stefan Michel

Overview Description:

The art and science of strategic and tactical pricing is underdeveloped in most companies. This is surprising, given that better pricing has a direct and immediate effect on the companies bottom-line.
Pricing Excellence requires a better understanding of what customer value, of communicating that value to customers, of segmenting customers according to the perceived value, and of implementing a pricing strategy that focuses on profits, not on market share.
While the pricing context is different in any industry, the four distinct capabilities for Pricing Excellence are universal.

Discover how to:

In this Discovery Event, we discuss pricing excellence from different perspectives and study recent case studies from both B2B and B2C markets.

Target audience:

Executives with a commercial responsibility (CMO, marketing manager, sales manager, brand and product managers, CEO and board members, entrepreneurs). Advanced knowledge of pricing models or pricing analytics is not required or expected.

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