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Performance Culture in Turbulent Times

  Performance Culture in Turbulent Times-June-3-2009

A positive corporate culture can take years to build but can be easily ruined in months as a side effect of a clumsy response to turbulent times and the need to cut costs.  Preserving a positive culture is possible even when the organization is facing cutbacks, redundancies, and retrenchment.  Doing so, however, requires leaders at all levels of the organization to be able to gauge the cultural side effects of business decisions and to understand how to use the cultural levers available to mitigate the risk.  It is a mistake to see the culture of your organization as a luxury to be indulged only in good times.  It is in periods of uncertainty like now when culture matters most, and the tough decisions you take now will shape the culture for years to come.


• How culture shapes behavior

• How to gauge the impact on the culture of business decisions

• The levers available to mitigate the risk of ruining your positive culture

• How to overcome a culture of negativity and complaint

Date June 3 2009
Topic Responsible Leadership

Performance Culture in Turbulent Times, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 3, 2009

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