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Organizational Design

  Organizational Design
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Date November 10-11, 2011

The design of organizations has undergone a radical change in the past 30 years. Increasing levels of globalization with the rise of off-shore manufacturing and remote knowledge management centres have contributed to the de-construction of the modern Western conglomerate. Up until the early 1970s designers viewed organizations as self-contained. There were clear boundaries between the organization and its suppliers and partners, with everything required to transform inputs into outputs performed internally. Design philosophies from this era emphasized the ways in which top managers could buffer the organization from external world. In contemporary organizations internal and external boundaries have opened up as never before. Top managers are comfortable with the idea that their organizations cannot efficiently perform all the tasks required to make a product or service. With the rise of low-cost manufacturing and service vendors in China and India, even the most critical tasks of an organization can be done externally.

What are drivers of classical organization design forms? What conditions favor the emergence of new design options? During the event you will discover why your organization made certain design choices along its evolution and what redesign possibilities opening up right now.


Organzational Design, Lausanne, Switzerland, November 10-11, 2011

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