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Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

  Negotiation and Dispute Resolution-7-8-February-2013

Leadership, Organization Development, Negotiation


February 7-8, 2013


This event will explore what it takes for leaders to negotiate effectively, both with external and internal stakeholders.

Key themes include:

  • Why negotiation is a fundamental skill for leaders at all levels
  • What types of negotiations leaders conduct, internally and externally
  • How leaders need to conceptualize the negotiation "game" and learn to shape the rules
  • What effective negotiators do to prepare for and conduct complex negotiations
  • Why conflict is an inherent part of negotiation and how it can be managed
  • Which skills are most important, including effective communication, conflict management, and persuasion


  • How to think strategically about negotiations
  • How to prepare for negotiations
  • Understanding and managing conflict
  • Communicating effectively during negotiations
  • Persuading and influencing

Target audience:

  • Middle to senior managers involved in internal negotiation (budgets, projects), external negotiations (customers, suppliers, acquisitions and alliances), or working in complex organizational environments such as matrix structures.
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