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Into the Moment:

Mindful Leadership in an Adaptive Era

  Mindful Leadership-June-5-6-2012
Topic Leadership and Organization
Date June 5-6, 2012
Details In this Discovery Event we shall focus on some of the emerging theories and practices of leadership and leadership development. In the 20th century leadership has focussed on individual behaviors, and what individuals "should" do to set directions and create followership. While this individual perspective is important, there is increasing awareness that our view of leadership has to be more adaptive.... adaptive to every situation and every moment. This means that behavioural toolboxes are not the panacea we thought they were. Leadership development means being able to read a situation skilfully in the moment, and being able understand oneself, our reactions and feelings, and then generating mindful responses. This has enormous implications for the way we lead other people, how we use our authority and power, how we trust others and work together, how we develop the confidence to act, and how we can shift organisational cultures and lead change.

Into the Moment, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 5-6, 2012


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