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Maximizing Your Potential:

How leaders build and maintain trust to maximize employee engagement and performance

  Maximising Your Potential-27-28-September-2012
Topic Leadership
Date September 27-28, 2011

Every organization is a product of how its leaders think and interact. High performing leaders create environments where teams focus on opportunity through creativity and innovation, seek out great ideas, and execute great strategies.

For this to happen, it is essential that the leader provides safety and trust for the employees to push the edge and take risks. Only when the employee knows the leader cares and stands behind them, can the defences in the brain shut down thereby allowing members of the team to really Play to Win. A defensive mindset produces fear and holding back resulting in Playing Not to Lose.

Do your team members play mostly defensively or mostly offensively? Learn about George’s latest research based on interviews with 100 top leaders from around the world. Learn about the 9 characteristics of Secure Base Leaders and his upcoming book on trust. Do your employees feel you are standing behind them? Find out why this is essential and what you can do to build trust in an untrusting world

Take Away:
* How neuroscience can help high performing leaders be    more effective 
* Using cycle of bonding to build trust for an environment of high creativity and innovation
* How the "mind's eye" can overcome negative andfearful     mindsets
* How leaders can make a critical difference in success or failure
* Understanding delayed gratification and the power of self control
* What really motivates people to achieve their best


Maximizing Your Potential, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 27-28, 2012

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