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Managing Health for Optimum Performance

  Managing Health for Optimum Performance-October-1-2-2009
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Date October 1-2 2009

In the new business age of warp-speed changes in market demands, knowledge increasingly is viewed as capital. But the translation of knowledge into performance depends heavily on peoples’ capacity and functionality – which is to say, their health. It comes as no surprise then that more and more public and private sector organizations recognize that all their investment in enterprise technology, learning and development, and organizational structure is worthless if people are absent, not engaged or lacking energy and vitality when at work.

For the leaders or future leaders of your organization, personal health management will be a critical component in determining their daily performance. Managing Health for Optimum Performance is a condensed, yet very comprehensive program, which combines reality with the best thinking and research to significantly enhance the health, performance and productivity of your organization’s key players.


• The importance of exercise for optimum business performance.
• How specific heart rate monitored exercise enhances the organism to       control stress, improve immune function, control body weight and improve mindset.
• How to enhance mental clarity, effectiveness and generate an abundance of energy.
• How to adapt nutrition to business performance requirements.
• How to enhance your capability to deal with stress, daily demands and pressure situations.


Managing Health for Optimum Performance, October 1-2, 2009

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