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To Risk and To Win: Developing first rate decision making

  Managerial Decision Making
Topic Strategy and Management
Date February 26-27, 2013

Research about decision making has made important advances, drawing largely on findings from cognitive psychology and behavioral economics.   By now, it is widely recognized that people make a variety of common errors and are prone to bias.  Yet for all its strengths, this research has not captured how managers actually make strategic decisions.   Managerial decisions in competitive situations differ from the decisions that have been studied in experimental settings in fundamental and important ways.  

It is along these lines that Professors Read and Rosenzweig are building new insights into the way that executives make decisions and manage risk.   This Discovery Event will present many of those insights in a participative and engaging manner.  Far from an exercise in theory, the emphasis is on self-awareness and practical applications.   

During this Event, we will provide a way for participants to assess their approach to decision making, and will provide numerous examples from research and from field work.  We will close with a discussion of implications for individuals and organizations. 


  • How decisions are made in real world settings.
  • The three most important elements to remember in decision making.
  • How to improve chances of success by managing risk and gaining expertise.  

Target audience:

  • Executives with financial and resource decision making authority
  • Leaders of complex and uncertain projects

To Risk and To Win: Developing first rate decision making
Lausanne, Switzerland,
Febuary 26-27, 2012


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