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Live virtual seminar with Bill Fischer, Professor of Innovation at IMD Business School

June 1, 2010 - 15:00 - 15.40

  High Performance Leadership - Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others

Why do some leaders and some teams overcome impossible barriers, go beyond unbearable pressure and frustration, and persevere in order to achieve outcomes seemingly beyond reach when others would give up? The answer to that question has never been clearer. Through their desire for relentless improvement, leaders at the edge can unlock the highest levels of performance from themselves, their teams, and their organizations, making work a more exciting place to be for themselves and those around them. Leading at the edge enables people to "play to win" rather than simply "playing not to lose".

Cutting edge leaders know how to take appropriate risk, inspire trust and create opportunities to foster success for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. In the current economic recovery, leaders are facing intense pressure like never before. There are so many complex changes and challenges centered around the need for engaged high performance.

In this session IMD Professor George Kohlrieser will draw on studies of High Performance Leadership from the world of sports, business, medicine, music, theater, military, and hostage negotiation, managers can translate this knowledge to the real world of leading – helping us to answer the question: “How successful do you want to be as a leader?”



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