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Leading in turbulent times

  Leading in high turbulence environment 2017



March 30-31, 2017



By Professor Tawfik Jellassi

It is widely acknowledged that organizations (both in the public and private sectors) operate today in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. However, what makes it even more challenging for top management is the increasing necessity to lead in turbulent times characterized by upheaval, turmoil, chaos, setbacks, etc. How can you as a manager successfully lead in this context and manage the present (with its share of unforeseen events and developments), while you are expected to create and implement change? How can you deal with dilemmas in decision-making that can have a major impact on your stakeholders? How can you demonstrate courage and be emotionally resilient in the face of continuous adversity and opposition?


During this event Prof. Jelassi will present the incredible experience which he went through in 2014-2015: that of a regular academic suddenly plunged into the limelight in a high stakes, high-risk situation. He will provide a comprehensive description of the context in which he operated and discuss the specific issues and challenges that he faced as well as the leadership, governance and change management skills he needed to carry out the mission. In particular, he will share how creating an ambidextrous organization to enable on the one hand, the day-to-day “exploit” situations, and on the other hand the forward-looking “explore” approach to help build a better future. He will finally draw on the lessons which he learned from his experience and discuss their relevance for corporate executives and business managers leading in turbulent times.


·         What characterizes a high-turbulence environment

·         How to lead and drive change in the face of uncertainty, chaos and adversity

·         What organizational and personal capabilities are needed to succeed in turbulent times

·         How to create and run an ambidextrous organization

 Target audience:

·         Corporate leaders of business companies (including chairmen and board members) and from public sector organizations

·         Business executives, including C-level executives

·         Top managers of business companies and not-for-profit organizations 

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