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  Leading Change in Turbulent Times

Leading Change


February 12 & 13, 2015


Overview Description:

In the turbulent times of today, change may be the only constant. Leading effective change has never been easy and in turbulent times is it even more difficult. On the one hand, people can experience change fatigue and be tempted to just "wait out" your change initiative because another one will just come along anyway. On the other hand, if you fail to respond to, let a lone anticipate, changes in customer preferences, technology, regulations, competitor moves, etc., you may not be around for the next needed change. So how can you accelerate the effective implementation of a needed strategic change? What are the keys to anticipatory vs. reactive change? What can you do to enhance your credibility and effectiveness as a leader of change?  

These are some of the key questions, we will address in this Discovery Event based on research and work that Professor J. Stewart Black has done and recently published in a top selling book, "It Starts with One: Changing Individuals Changes Organizations.".  

Importantly, participants will have the opportunity to apply the tools and concepts in real time to a real change challenge they face.

Discover how to:

″ Diagnose and anticipate resistance to change
″ Effectively communicate the case for change
″ Enable and energise people for making the change
″ Ensure that the required change sticks

Target Audience:

The Discovery Event is suited to any leader who must lead change across an important group of people. The change could be as broad as an entire global organization or as focused as a team.


Leading Change in Turbulent Times, Lausanne, February 12-13, 2015

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