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Leadership for Strategic Wealth-Creation:

Identifying and Exploiting Profitable Business Synergies

  Leadership for Strategic Wealth-Creation-May-10-11-2012
Topic Leadership and Management Development
Date May 10-11, 2012

These times of economic crisis demand a new order of strategic leadership in business. In this Discovery Event, we focus on the capabilities of key actors to identify profitable synergies at the intersections of the firm's various business activities, and to quickly turn such opportunities into high-quality profits.

This is the realm of real leadership: the combination of strategic diagnostic and influence capabilities that both identify new business opportunities and then organize and energize the work of the many diverse people who must collaborate over long time periods, in the face of inevitable conflict and inertia, to ensure the implementation of the new systems that will deliver the promised enhanced value.

These systems include new ways of legitimizing the necessary decision authorities and accountabilities, new patterns of information flow, new frameworks for diagnosing the profit potential of business synergies, new methods for managing critical interpersonal relations, and critically, incentive schemes that focus and mobilize the key actors in implementing these new business processes.


• How to identify profitable synergies in your company
• The importance of diagnostics and influence
• New frameworks for diagnosing the profit potential of business synergies
• New methods for managing critical interpersonal relations


Leadership for Strategic Wealth-Creation, Lausanne, Switzerland, May 10-11,2012

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