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Business Forum - Copenhagen, October 24, 2011

  Leadership Transitions

The First 100+ Days is a Leader/leadership team’s road map for taking charge in the early months in a new job. Why do you need it? Because transitions are critical times when small differences in a leader/leadership team’s actions can have disproportionate impact on results. The quicker the leader/leadership team can figure out how to take charge and build momentum the better for the organization.

Professor Martha Maznevski’s presentation will focus on ‘How to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, what you need to accomplish with respect to people and strategy, and how to prioritize’.

Managing Partner, Jan Johan Kühl will discuss examples of portfolio companies which Polaris has invested in. The presentation will focus on ´Which strategic and leadership team issues are addressed, the timing and priority of this as well as key learnings’.



Date & Time

Monday 24 October 2011

15h15-15h45 Registration

15h45-16h00 Introduction and Welcome by IMD & Deloitte

16h00-16h45 First 100+ days key leadership issues for  a new CEO/leadership team
Professor Martha Maznevski

16h45-17h15 Refreshments & Networking hosted by Deloitte

17h15-18h00 Private equity portfolio company CEO/leadership team case examples
Managing Partner, Jan Johan Kühl

18h00-18h20 Q&A with Martha Maznevski and
Jan Johan Kühl


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Leadership Transitions, Copenhagen, October 24, 2011

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