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  Leadership Essentials-March 31-April 1, 2011
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Now, more than ever, it is critical for leaders regularly to step aside from the daily roller-coaster and review their ‘leadership essentials’. During this Discovery Event Professor Preston Bottger will present what he believes to be three essential capabilities necessary for effective contributions in any leadership situation. He will focus on:

1. Diagnostic Capability: What are the frameworks and tools that leaders need to master events in their complex environments? How can leaders ensure that they recognize the critical opportunities and challenges that are being presented to them? How can leaders ensure that they are taking the right initiatives that will improve wealth-creation and reduce wasted efforts in the company’s business system –both for themselves and for the people for whom they responsible?

2: Influence capability: A leader's capacity to influence is undoubtedly a key factor in her/his success in contributing to the company’s wealth-creating processes. What do we mean by influence? Which techniques bear most fruit? We will explore the leader’s influence capabilities from the level of interpersonal impact to the use of the company’s formal structures and information/communication systems.

3. Energies: To maintain excellence in the areas of diagnostics and influence, the leader must have maximum availability of three types of energy. Certainly, there is the need for physical vitality and resilience –the ability to be ahead of others day-by-day, decade-by decade. Intellectual freshness, reach and depth is required every step of the way. And critically essential for leadership are the emotional capacities both for sustained consistency in action –and for flexibility when the opportunities and demands in the environment change from one configuration to another, often unexpectedly. How can leaders sustain and enhance these energies over the long term?


EEAC, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 6-7, 2012

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