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Leadership Dyads: Playing to your Strengths

  Leadership Dyads December 6-7 2012
Topic Leadership
Date December 6-7, 2012

This Discovery Event is quite unusual in that it is intended for leadership pairs: managers and their formal or informal deputies. Leadership is a relational phenomenon, which incorporates the leader, the followers, and their relationships. In the organizational hierarchy, however, not all followers are equal. There is one position – that of the ‘number two’, or ‘second-in-command’ – which stands out because of its prominence in organizational life.

The busy organizational context seldom provides opportunities for reflection and discussion how to improve interaction, synergy and effectiveness between the two. Similar to first and second fiddles in orchestra where first violins are assigned the melody while second violins play harmony or accompaniment patterns, managers and their second-in-command need to complement each other. The goal of the event is to provide the framework for managers and their deputies to discuss strategies how to maximize the synergy within their dyad.

We will look at the personality profiles of each pair based on an on-line survey prepared in advance of the session. There is a fair amount known about which aspects of personality can affect how people prefer to collaborate, make decisions and lead others. We will discuss the importance of playing to your strengths and develop skills to combine individual differences for synergy. The discovery process will be facilitated by coaches.


Leadership Dyads, Lausanne, Switzerland, December 6-7, 2012

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