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Innovation Governance:  Creating Opportunities for Innovation Leadership

  Innovation Governance:  Creating Opportunities for Innovation Leadership March 30-31 2009
Topic Innovation
Date March 30-31 2009

Most companies are now reasonably good at shepherding a new product concept through a development process and into the market. But the challenge of innovation has become much greater. It’s not enough to just create new products: to truly excel, companies must innovate throughout the organization in all ways that affect the customer experience and profitability. Innovations in services, pricing models, business processes, supplier relationships, and channels to market can be just as profitable as product innovations. Companies now face three difficult innovation challenges:

1) Coordinating dispersed innovation efforts around the company (prevent different departments or geographical units from accidentally pursuing the same innovation ideas, and ensure that all important areas of innovation are being addressed).
2) Integrating different types of innovation, such as innovations in products, services, channels, business processes, marketing, pricing, or business model to ensure that they reinforce each other.
3) Opening the company by bringing in innovative solutions from outside – e.g., incorporating innovations from suppliers, business partners, freelance designers, retailers, and customers.


- Some inspiring examples of companies that have mastered these challenges
- Give you a chance to share your experiences and trade ideas with others from other companies
- How to push your thinking forward on how to better coordinate, integrate, and open up innovation efforts in your company.


The event takes place at IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland)

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Innovation Governance,Lausanne, Switzerland, March 30-31, 2009

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