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Sustainability and Innovation: Becoming competitive while addressing global trends

December 10-11, 2012

  IMD Global Cente Event - Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability and Innovation


Join Prof. Francisco Szekely delving into the latest issues surrounding the key areas of leadership, sustainability and innovation.  

Companies become more competitive by developing better and less costly products and services than their competitors or by differentiating themselves through innovation. Innovation is the successful exploitation and commercialisation of new ideas. It is far more than the common perception that innovation is only about new ideas or research and development (R&D). But, where do the new ideas come from? How can we create new market opportunities that will make business initiatives last?  

Sustainability thinking is a new mind-set that focuses on the many options and possibilities that a systemic approach can provide us when considering societal trends where people expect high quality and reliable products and services which satisfy social needs without harming our planet. Sustainability provides the fertile ground for developing new ideas which are congruent with societal trends.  

In our event we will present a new framework to promote innovation and competitiveness in organizations by using the Sustainability-driven' innovation processes geared to create new market opportunities for products and services or processes driven by social, environmental and economically profitable considerations.


Sustainability and Innovation,
Lausanne, Switzerland, December 13, 2012


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